* CANCELLED * Zodiak – Side Step Festival 2022
* CANCELLED * Zodiak – Side Step Festival 2022
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* CANCELLED * Zodiak – Side Step Festival 2022


Side Step Festival, first held in 1996, has grown over the years from a small biennial event showcasing the heritage and iconic names of American postmodern dance to an internationally renowned contemporary dance festival. The festival has introduced the Helsinki audience in particular to the latest trends and central artists in European contemporary dance.


Side Step Festival 2022:


Zodiak has decided to cancel the International Side Step Festival for 2022. 

At present, the decisions of the Southern Finland Regional Government Agency regarding public events extend until the end of January. However, the guidelines set by the Bank of Finland and the still rising daily interest rates anticipate that the restrictions will be extended until at least mid-February. The festival was scheduled to begin on February 12th.


- In this situation, the implementation of a large international software, constantly afraid of possible restrictive measures, is too great a financial risk for us. Theaters and events cannot operate with a few days notice, and the terms of the contract for international visits make the risks significant. Therefore, we ended up with this painful solution, says Ari Tenhula , CEO of Zodiak .


- After two years of emergency, the cancellation of the festival in the final meters feels especially sad. It would also have been the 20th festival in a row, and much of the festival’s program was to be offered to the public at the new Dance House as the first public performances. The party will not take place now, says Harri Kuorelahti , the artistic director of Zodiak.


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