City Horses film installation | Liljevalch Art Gallery (Stockholm, Sweden)
City Horses film installation | Liljevalch Art Gallery (Stockholm, Sweden)
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CITY HORSES Film Installation
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City Horses film installation | Liljevalch Art Gallery (Stockholm, Sweden)


Together, Helena Byström and Anna Källblad create works that uninhibitedly occupy public space. With a humorous tone, they raise questions about female freedom, body and sexuality. Now, for the first time ever, they are showing the film installation City Horses at Liljevalchs+.


What happens when a woman enters the public sphere without conforming to norms or asking permission? How does it affect how we view the female body? This is what artist Helena Byström and choreographer Anna Källblad explore in the performance work City Horses. In the work, a group of female dancers move like wild horses through the streets and squares of different cities. Galloping, trotting and rearing, they take possession of the urban space, like a living moving sculpture.


Byström and Källblad's performance has taken place in several European cities, from Stockholm to Barcelona. During the performance, the work gave rise to strong reactions from both the audience and the participants. At Liljevalchs+, City Horses will be shown in a completely new way, in the form of a large film installation with four projections, where, in addition to film, we can read the thoughts and texts of the approximately 100 participating women. As viewers, we are placed in the center of the events, and can follow the process from the inside. We are close to the dancers, hear their voices and see their bodies. And just like the participants, we are confronted with the question: how free are we to take up space and move in the city?

The duo Byström Källblad creates works for museums, gallery spaces, stages and public spaces in the form of performance, film and installations.

City Horses film installation
Artistic management, production, direction, choreography, costume: Byström Källblad
Cinematography: Byström Källblad, Jenny Vinterqvist
Editing: Jenny Vinterqvist

Karianne Andreassen, Fie Dam Mygind, Dana Hamburgo Hernandez, Edith Strand Askeland, Oda Olivia Øverbø Lindegård, Ina Bråstein, Aurora Itland, Marthe Nordgård, Inga Lu Zhong Cai Dæhli Moberg, Mai Lene Eliesen, Hedda-Sofie Nilsen, Malena Aasen Gundersen, Charlotte Brohmeyer, Joséphine Auffrey, Nefeli Asteriou, Polina Sonia, Quadira Oechsle-Ali, So Yeon Shin, Sofia Seta, Giorgia Callari, Katinka Wissing, Milena Stein, Britt Angus, Tanit Graffelman, Jitka Čechová, Tereza Holubová, Natalie Tun, Lenka Gregarová, Sumin Sung, Emily Jane Steele, Michaela Dašková, Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Natálie Podešvová, Jana Maroušková, Da Costa Cécile, Talia Marie Preis, Natálie Vacková, Yana Reutova, Liudmyla Ponomarchuk, Olena Korotkova, Anastasiia Pavlovska, Alessia Obinu, Arina Lannoo, Helena Canas, Katja Coser Galtés, Montse Álvarez, Núria Dalmau, Mar Izquierdo López, Carla Piris, Claudia Reig, Andrea el Ameri, Azucena Moya, Aitana Giralt, Eva Durba, Lucy Hood, Cody Lavery, Sandi Woo, Nadia Milford, Sara Edwards, Amber Nofal, Tiana Pinnell, Chelsea Chua, Felix Palmerson, Erin O'Rourke, Linn Christin Aagedal, Thjerza Balaj, Amalie Bergstein Nielsen, Tilda le Grand, Antonia Harke, Camilla Lind, Julia Müllner, Benedicte Ramfjord, Evita Tsakalaki, Maria Björkvik, Hedvig Edvall Bons, Katarina Eriksson, Marte Golten, Hui-Han Hu Gustavsson, Ruth Rebekka Hansen, Tea Harryson, Caroline Hoeg, Annika Hyvärinen, Katrine Johansen, Torill Kolsrud, Sara Larsson, Sofia Calizaya Malygina, Minna Mannelqvist, Nassim Meki, Nicole Sestan Neidert, Ellen Nylander, Anna Persson, Linn Ragnarsson, Wilma Ring, Lotta Salonen, Tilda Seger, Julia Svensson, Sanna Söderholm, Elinor Tollerz Bratteby, Henrietta Wallberg, Moa Westerlund, Tyra Wigg & Sofia Östergren.

Big Pulse Dance Alliance, Sismògraf Dance Festival, International Dance Festival TANEC PRAHA, Tanz im August/HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Stockholms Kulturfestival, Danscentrum Sverige, CODA Oslo International Dance Festival, Dansehallerne, Havremagasinet, Aaben Dans, Roskilde Festival, Supercell Dance Festival. Figueres MOUFestival de dansa, Festival de dansa Castell de Montjuïc, Graner Centre.

With support from Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, the Swedish Arts Council, Konstnärsnämnden and Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten.

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