MAN REC by Amala Dianor | TANEC PRAHA
MAN REC by Amala Dianor | TANEC PRAHA
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Close up of a dancer with arms forming an arch over his head. He is in a dimly lit space and wears a neutral coloured tshirt.
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MAN REC by Amala Dianor | TANEC PRAHA


Man Rec means “only me” in Wolof, the most commonly spoken language in Senegal. Amala Dianor himself performs this piece, a dialogue between his varied origins, from urban to contemporary and African dance. His solo has been relayed to a female dancer who, through sheer kinetic intelligence, has translated it into a free and fluid version of her own. This led to the creation of Wo-Man.If Wo-Man is the female rendering of Man Rec, the solo piece that brought Dianor to the attention of the French scene, Point Zéro is instead an invitation from three friends to dance while rediscovering the journey that each has travelled through the diverse aesthetics that have shaped their artistic narratives.


Amala Dianor

After a career as a hip-hop dancer, Amala Dianor joined the training course of the Higher School of the National Center for Contemporary Dance in Angers (CNDC, class of 2002). For 10 years, he worked as a performer for choreographers from very different universes (hip-hop, neoclassical and contemporary) such as Régis Obadia, Roland Petit, Abou Lagraa and Emanuel Gat. Over the years, Amala Dianor has built his writing: he slides from one technique to another with virtuosity, but it is above all the meeting of these worlds that attracts him. In 2012, he created his own company which, to date, has fifteen pieces in its repertoire, from solo to group piece. Since 2014 and his solo Man Rec, he works with the electro-soul artist Awir Leon who composes the original music for his shows.



Creation & Choreography: Amala Dianor
Music: Awir Léon
Lighting Design: Samson Milcent

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