New Baltic Dance 2024
New Baltic Dance 2024
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New Baltic Dance 2024


The International contemporary dance festival New Baltic Dance is taking place from April 27th to May 12th in Vilnius and Ukmergė. This year's festival invites to EXPERIENCE NOW (this is the motto of the festival this year) the world through the language of moving bodies: while traveling through contemporary dance events, festivals, and premieres, the festival's team was looking for artists who would respond to the current realities, reflect on ongoing processes in the world, such as climate change, social, cultural, and political phenomena, the power of art and laughter.


Another important aspect in creating the program was the choreographic language of the artists, their values, and political and social positions. That was the choreographers, whose works already influence the development of contemporary dance around the world, increase dance accessibility to various social groups, create a safe space for dialogue, and break down established stereotypes. Interestingly, the festival's audiences will not only be able to feel the choreographers in the venues but will also see some of them on stage.


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