Big Pulse artists and partners in the snow in Lithuania for the Big Pulse Intensive 2023

Big Pulse Intensive 2023, hosted by New Baltic Dance in Lithuania

Lithuanian Dance Information Centre is delighted to have hosted the partners, artists, and guest lecturers of the Big Pulse Dance Alliance at the Big Pulse Intensive in Palanga from December 4th to 8th, 2023. During the intensive five-day programme, participants engaged in various lectures, workshops, and discussions, addressing key topics within the international contemporary dance field. Additionally, they explored cultural sites in Western Lithuania and had the opportunity to meet with local artists. 


The Big Pulse Intensive commenced by delving into the burning questions encountered by members of the Big Pulse Dance Alliance during the project’s development and discussed on-site. The key points included inquiries into maintaining a balance at dance festivals between artistic vision and societal responsibility, identifying the missing voices in the decision-making processes, and contemplating the concept of global solidarity in terms of responsibility and privileges. 

The session on burning questions was followed by Line Rousseau‘s presentation titled “Why Do Budgets Only Go Up?”. Line discussed the topics of repertoire and sustainability, matchmaking between presenters and artists, the unique aspects of large-scale works, and the financial pressures that accompany such projects for both artists and presenters.

Artists and Big Pulse partners sit together around the table in discussion

On the second day of the programme, Ben Evans and Sally Davison led insightful sessions on Equality and Inclusion. Ben highlighted the valuable contributions of disabled artists to an enriched and more innovative arts sector. He posed a thought-provoking question: ‘What is my organisation doing to ensure the arts benefit from the innovative practices offered by disabled artists?’. Sally continued by giving a presentation on DanceAbility practices, grounded in the belief that all bodies can express every movement, with an awareness that each movement is relative to everybody. Sally suggested various tools during the session, such as incorporating speech and touch, writing down instructions, or having someone translate into sign language.

Later, during her presentation “Scaling Up”, Line Rousseau briefly introduced a few examples of large-scale production performances, offering a glimpse into the challenges of these complex processes. Following the presentation, a discussion was initiated, guided by the following question: What actions should we take in the realms of structural, managerial, and artistic decision-making?


The third day kicked off with an off-site trip. Participants of the Big Pulse Intensive were welcomed and guided by the head of the ballet troupe, Aurelijus Liškauskas, and explored the Klaipėda State Music Theatre, currently under construction and set to open its doors in the Spring of 2024. Later, the group met with the choreographer Agnija Šeiko, who provided insights into the works of Šeiko Dance Company and offered an overview of the contemporary dance scene in Western Lithuania. 

The day proceeded with an in-depth workshop on Equity and Inclusion led by Ben Evans. The workshop delved into essential topics, including strategies to enhance the artistic leadership of disabled artists and a broader perspective on inclusion. It addressed pressing societal issues like race, gender, and wars, highlighting their relevance in today’s context. The day concluded with the Big Pulse Learning Session, featuring artists Clarice Lima, Catarina Saraiva, Anna Källblad, Helena Byström, and Taneli Törmä sharing their experiences as artists within the Big Pulse Dance Alliance.


The fourth day featured Agata Etmanowicz‘s presentation on “The Audience Perspective,” in which she provided examples of both successful and unsuccessful practices adopted by cultural events striving to enhance accessibility for a wider audience. Emphasizing the significance of design, facilities, employing easy-to-read language, and utilizing other tools, she highlighted essential considerations for making events more accessible. The day was wrapped up by the Big Pulse Learning Session with Mélanie Roger and Amala Dianor, as well as revisiting and further exploring the burning questions initially discussed on the first day of the Big Pulse Intensive.

Artists and Big Pulse partners visit the new Klaipėda State Music Theatre currently under construction

On the last day, Agnija Šeiko showcased an excerpt from her choreographed site-specific artworks. Participants at the Big PulseWinter Intensive had the chance to get acquainted with various soundscape materials and discuss their potential applications in diverse environments and scenarios.


After an enriching, inspiring, and intense five days together, participants departed with a wealth of thoughts and new ideas, eager to further develop their practices. 



The organisation of the Big Pulse Intensive in Lithuania was partly funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission, Lithuanian Council for Culture and Lithuanian Ministry of Culture.

Big Pulse artists and partners in the snow in Lithuania for the Big Pulse Intensive 2023
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