City Horses begins its tour at Big Pulse partner festivals


City Horses is a city choreography with about twenty female dancers about power, existence and the female body in the public space, a gallop through cities, a living monument in constant motion, celebrating female courage and power of all ages.

The new Big Pulse Open Air co-production is created by Swedish duo Byström Källblad who make work for the stage, the gallery and the public space.


Artist Helena Byström and choreographer Anna Källblad share a desire to tell stories from and based in collaboration and exchange with specific places and its people.Byström is a visual artist from the north, working mainly with film and sculpture, Källblad is a choreographer from the south, with ten years in Los Angeles.


Watch this short video to discover more about the work and the artists.

This powerful new work will begin its tour at Big Pulse partner festivals this year, opening at Sismògraf Festival in Olot, Spain on 9 April 2022.


Watch the trailer:

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