Ireland and Bulgaria welcome Visiting Artists this May

The Big Pulse Visiting Artist programme invites artists to visit partner festivals, stimulating artistic development, creative exchange and valuable networking. 

Following the success of the Visiting Artist programme hosted by Torinodanza Festival in October 2021, two more exciting programmes are planned for this coming May. Artists from across Europe as well as from further afield sponsored by supporting organisations will gather at two Big Pulse partner festivals this spring to connect, exchange and expand their creative explorations.


Dublin Dance Festival will welcome a group of dance artists to Dublin, Ireland from 18 – 21 May, while the ONE Dance Week team will host a group of visiting artists across Sofia and Plovdiv in Bulgaria from 10 – 15 May.


Explore the draft schedules for each Visiting Artist programme to get a feel for what’s to come, and watch this short video from last year’s programme:

Discover the full schedules* for the upcoming visiting artist programmes:


* Note: these schedules are subject to change 

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