Dancers in studio for auditions with POCKETART

Vibrant auditions for POCKETART’s new work, Fairy Tales

Sabina Bočková & Johana Pocková, the choreographers who head up the POCKETART collective in The Czech Republic, recently hosted auditions to find dance artists who will make up the performance team for their latest choreography, Fairy Tales. 

Following an open call, over sixty applicants expressed interest in participating in the audition process which was held in the Krenovka Studio with the support of Tanec Praha (the Czech partner of Big Pulse Dance Alliance). 

With a focus on the topic and aim of the project, each person was asked to write a short piece describing their vision of what our world could be like from their female perspective. 

Bočková & Pocková were so moved by the many beautiful responses full of imagery, poetry, emotions and humour, cementing their belief that there is something deeply important to look at in this process.

Dancer in a bright studio for auditions with POCKETART in Prague

Bočková explained that even though it was an audition environment and that it can be almost impossible to avoid the nervous energy that goes along with that, they managed to create a friendly and safe space for the audition, emphasising group work and building physical connections with each other. This created so many beautiful moments and images, thanks particularly to all the participants being so brave and open to the process. 

There were some difficult decisions to be made, but from this process, the POCKETART team have found their dream team of eight dancers for this project.

First rehearsals will kick off at the end of January 2023 (again in Krenovka Studio in Prague), followed by another 8 weeks of rehearsals and development in several residential houses all around The Czech Republic. This choreographic development will move alongside the development of the scenography which also forms an integral part of this work. 

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new Big Pulse Dance Alliance Co-Production

POCKETART would like to thank to Tanec Praha for giving us the space in Krenovka Studio which made the audition possible! 

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