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SIGUIFIN at Torinodanza Festival

Amala Dianor's new creation brings together a constellation of talents from Mali, Senegal and Burkina Faso to celebrate the vitality of a collective African dance – a connection in perpetual evolution, an artistic bubbling that animates the whole continent.

€17 – €20

MAN REC at Torinodanza Festival

Amala Dianor himself performs this piece, a dialogue between his varied origins, from urban to contemporary and African dance.

€17 – €20

WO-MAN / POINT ZÉRO at Torinodanza Festival

If Wo-Man is the female rendering of Man Rec, the solo piece that brought Dianor to the attention of the French scene, Point Zéro is instead an invitation from three friends to dance while rediscovering the journey that each has travelled through the diverse aesthetics that have shaped their artistic narratives.

€17 – €20

NAVY BLUE at Dance Umbrella

Is this the future? What have we done? And where the hell are we going? With music by Rachmaninoff and Jamie xx, the rising star of the dance world presents a world premiere, brutal as well as beautiful.

£20 – £25
Big Pulse Dance

Bringing contemporary dance to the people of Europe.